Sunday, May 24, 2015

Welcome Dr. Jacquie McAndrew to The SCENAR Experts family!

Dr. Peter Lathrop and the whole team at The Neuroadaptive Institute and The SCENAR Experts are delighted to welcome Dr. Jacquie McAndrew and her awesome staff (pictured here Amber and Carol) to the RITM SCENAR family!  Here you see them gathered with "Stella" at one of their training sessions.  You can learn about Dr. McAndrew and SCENAR at the South San Diego Veterinary Hospital.

We loved what Dr. McAndrew shared a week after this training: "We are using the SCENAR - one dog that has problems in both rear legs went home after one treatment and ran normally for the first time in years.  The owner purchased a package of treatments."   Happy dogs - happy owners!

Monday, May 11, 2015

SCENAR can help your Plantar Fasciitis

We had a client show up with plantar fasciitis this past week. We see cases like his often enough it  had me think to share some information with all of you.  Now, if you are in a "4 seasons" part of the country or the world for that matter, plantar fasciitis is a common spring and summer injury as many people get out running, playing soccer, taking on tennis etc. with the beautiful change in the weather.

Here in San Diego this is less likely.  We see plantar fasciitis year around.  I thought I would write about it now though as spring and summer ARE in full swing now for lots of you and it is more likely to happen now.

So what is plantar fasciitis?  In the image you can see the plantar fascia. It is a tough band of tissue, a ligament, that connects your heel bone to your toes. It is what supports the arch of your foot.  If it gets strained or overused it gets weak and irritated.  This irritation causes inflammation and creates a burning or sharp kind of pain and the pain worsens with walking.  You might really notice it as you take your first steps in the morning.  
If your plantar fascia gets repeatedly strained it can get tiny tears in it creating more of a problem. Sometimes other tendons and muscles of the foot and calf where they insert on your heal become involved as well.  

 Causes or contributing factors

Ask yourself these questions to see if you think what you have going on is plantar fasciitis:
  • Do you stand, walk or run for long periods, perhaps on a hard surface?
  • Get to know your feet.  Do you have high arches or flat feet?  Do your feet roll inward more than normal when you walk?
  • Are you overweight and putting excess pressure on the ligament?
  • Take a look at your shoes.  Are they properly supporting your foot and your arch?  Do they fit well?  Have they become worn and loss support?
  • Exam the rest, your calves, achilles tendon etc.  Are they tight?

What to do if you suspect it is plantar fasciitis:

  • Call your doctor if you suspect stress fractures - he/she may order an x-ray if they agree
  • Look at the likely CAUSE and correct or make changes to reduce/eliminate the cause, i.e. wear shoes with the correct arch support and shock absorption, create and execute on a weight reduction plan, begin a gentle stretching program
  • To reduce the pain and inflammation most people and websites will tell you that you can of course ice, and use over the counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory meds. 

Time to heal

They will also tell you that with plantar fasciitis "most people will recover in about a year" ( or "most people who have plantar fasciitis recover with conservative treatments in just a few months" (

We know it need not take that long.  This is where SCENAR therapy comes in.  SCENAR activates your body's own analgesic (pain reducing) and anti-inflammatory processes to accelerate recovery. With consistent SCENAR use your issue may be resolved in as little as 4-6 weeks or sooner.

Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today.  

Call 619-501-3752.  Our team will address your underlying cause as well as educate you about the power of SCENAR.  SCENAR treatments are available in the office and/or you may determine that owning your own affordable home unit SCENAR is right for you.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Welcome Chrystie Babcock to The SCENAR Experts family!

We are delighted to assist Chrystie Babcock and Dr. Ken Greenberg of La Mesa, CA as they integrate RITM SCENAR into their practice!  Chiropractic, massage and SCENAR fit like a glove together.

Chrystie first experienced SCENAR for herself and given her results decided the best and logical thing was to offer it to clients as well! Welcome to the RITM SCENAR family!

Friday, April 24, 2015

How long will it take for my pain to go away with SCENAR?

We get this along with other similar questions a lot  - "How long will this take?  How many treatments will I need? How often will I need SCENAR treatments? And of course, will it really work because nothing else has?"

We can honestly say every situation is different.  I know you hear that and yet you think there must be a formula.  There isn't really.  It does depend on whether or not your painful condition is fresh or "acute" or if it is an old, chronic, unresolved injury or condition you have had for years.

 How your body reacts to injury

 If it is something you have had for a long time it can be useful to know that your body reacts to an injury in two major ways:
  1. It relates to it as a neurophysiologic HABIT, meaning it accepts that the injury will be with it until further notice and it take steps to accommodate to it.  Some of this is done by adding scar tissue for self protection, thereby putting a strain on the surrounding tissue.  This all produces more pain and reduced range of motion in that area of your body.
  2. Not only that, but the cells in their computerized self regulation mode, creates a MEMORY of the current condition.  The cells see the body as what it is and recreate it every minute, every hour, every week, every moth, and every year just as it is now.  This is done at the cellular level because the cell only know what it is at the present moment and reproduces itself accordingly.  Yes, the cells have memory and all they know is to produce the memory they have.  Until the memory is changed as a result of changing the cell function from disease to health, it will reproduce the same system time after time after time.

So, it can take time to fully resolve an issue that has been going on for years.

Lena's story

Lena is a great example of this of type of chronic pain problem. Lena described her "pain" much like having "ropes" tightly stretched, especially around the right hip joint, right lower back area, turning around the midriff, and reaching up around the spine up toward her shoulders.

She said "my mobility was totally hampered by these tight "ropes".  I can't swing my right leg to a step of what was normal length to me and I walk hunched over forwards."  She proceeds to share, "So the ropes, or hardened muscles/membranes/nerves or whatever they may be, are lacking elasticity and they are painful.  I try to break up the hard stuff stretching, turning and twisting, but there is a painful backlash some time after stretching.  It feels like cramps.  When I'm not moving, the hardened stuff gets painful, too, for example when sleeping at night."

Lena was visiting family in San Diego from Tokyo and she was encouraged to come in to see us.  Imagine going to see health practitioners while you are on holiday when this is something you have suffered with for years - just part of your day to day.  It was so awesome she listened to those who loved her.

Lena had a few SCENAR treatments with us and then she and her husband were taught how to use the home unit RITM SCENAR they bought from us to take home.

After 6 weeks of using the SCENAR she says "There is definitely improvement.  I can now do things I couldn't do before, like standing on my left foot while putting on the sock on the right one, and walking is a whole lot easier."  She said the "ropes" are lengthening and flattening out, loosening up and getting less painful.  "Now I can stand up straighter, walk with much more ease, and get better sleep at night."

She said "there is more to do" and she is so encouraged to keep break up all of the hard stuff (adhesions) and restore flexibility to her whole hip and lower back area so she can "fully squat" easily.

At this stage we encouraged her to continue the protocols we gave her and find a corrective exercise specialist to assist her in movement and exercise as she continues to progress.

So, back to "how long will it take?"  In Lena's mind we know she doesn't mind at all the time it is taking as she continues to progress - one day and one step at a time thanks to SCENAR.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pain Relief with SCENAR Just Ahead

About one third of the people in the United States experience chronic pain despite the proliferation of pain clinics across the land.  This number is more than the total affected by heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined.

A significant part of the problem is the significant gaps in knowledge about pain and pain treatments both with practitioners as well as the public.   Many people go see their primary-care doctor.   In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports Health Rating Center of more than 14,000 subscribers a suprising number of people said they were disappointed with what the doctor could do to help.  Not surprising given the bias toward a pharmaceutical solution in this country which leads to the over prescribing of pain medications.  If pain medications worked at relieving the problem creating the pain chronic pain wouldn't be the problem it is.

If you have experienced chronic pain you have likely tried, through trial and error, a number of different solutions - pain meds (both prescription and over the counter), physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.  Some times you get relief.  If you are still in chronic pain it wasn't a permanent solution.

When people find us or we find them in pain they say they "have tried everything."   We say, "have you used the SCENAR?"  They say no.  We say, "you haven't tried everything then."


RITM SCENAR devices are reflex biofeedback devices.  The device is communicating through the neural pathways to the brain and the brain is responding.  The SCENAR device then interprets the brain's response and modifies its next impulse back to the brain to work at restoring balance to the body.  The brain sends a signal back to the device and so on until equilibrium is achieved.

We liken it to a conversation or "dialogue" between the device and the body.  As this dialogue is occuring the brain tells the nervous system to release neuropeptides (the key biochemicals your body uses to heal itself - your body's internal pharmacy if you will). 

Who Could Benefit from RITM SCENAR?

Anyone who is looking for relief from pain, either new or lingering and chronic.  It doesn't matter that you have tried other things.  You have found this post and a new solution that may be just right for you.  If you are a professional health care practitioner you could benefit your patients, practice members and your business by adding this drug free modality to your set of solutions.  Ask us how.

Only original SCENAR registered by FDA - RITM SCENAR

The internet highway is littered with information about SCENAR.  Whether you are a professional practitioner selecting a SCENAR for use in your practice or a consumer seeking one for home use please understand the importance of device registration in your country. 

The RITMSCENAR line is the only original SCENAR line FDA cleared in the U.S.   Protecting the public against products illegally marketed without FDA clearance is an important part of the mission of the FDA. 

Here at The SCENAR Experts, we have years of experience in the medical device industry - long before becoming distributors of the RITMSCENAR line of products.  We understand the importance of the medical device regulations. 

We receive calls inquiring about devices like the Cosmodic, asking us to compare it to the RITMSCENAR.  In the U.S. this is a conversation that should not be happening.  We tell all practitioners the Cosmodic is not registered in the U.S. and if they want to be compliant with their licensing body as well as insurance (if they are billing payers) they will not buy and use this device in their practice.  The technical and outcomes comparison conversation can't be had either as there is no data.

We are proud to share RITMSCENAR with practitioners and consumers in the United States.  It is the only FDA cleared original SCENAR.  The Pro Plus and Pro devices are FDA cleared for practitioners.  Only the Pro Plus is currently available in inventory.  The Pro inventory is gone - making way for the introduction of the new Super Pro once this exciting new model has its FDA clearance. 

The Sport D and Sport are cleared and available for consumers.  RITM OKB ZAO has developed the new Home Expert for home users.  This device is NOT FDA cleared for sales yet.  We will alert you when it is.  We are excited about its new features.

When it comes to seeking all the benefits of SCENAR partner with us, the U.S. experienced medical device industry professionals. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 Questions Post the Global SCENAR Conference in Las Vegas

As a partner with Dr. Lathrop, who is a long time user and advocate of the RITM SCENAR, now also a distributor in the North American market, I left the recent Global SCENAR Conference in Las Vegas motivated to increase our collaboration with our Russian counterparts at RITM SCENAR OKB. 

Several new devices were launched at the conference.  The upgrades and improvements will simplify processes for the user/operator.  This is valuable.

However, as a business owner/marketer intent on having SCENAR be an everyday tool in the licensed healthcare practitioners toolkit and in the "medicine drawer" or "sport bag" of every consumer I am reflecting on these three sets of questions to get to true innovation of the technology for North Americans to adopt it. 

  1. Potential users:  What's your greatest challenge right now?  What's the cost of the problem?  What will it mean to you to solve it?  What is desirable to you as a potential user? 
  2. Engineers:  What is possible with technology?
  3. Business/Regulatory:  What is viable in our marketplace?
I look forward to discovering the answers!  If you are in one of the three categories trust I will be asking the questions.